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Sep 1 '09
Concerned a brain drain could hurt its long-term ability to compete, Google Inc. is tackling the problem with its typical tool: an algorithm. The Internet search giant recently began crunching data from employee reviews and promotion and pay histories in a mathematical formula Google says can identify which of its 20,000 employees are most likely to quit.

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Apr 15 '09
28-year-old Olga was getting ready to close up shop when a man entered the salon armed with a gun … Olga the shop owner and yellow belt in karate knocked him to the floor. She then tied him up with a hair dryer cord. (kinky!) Olga put Viktor in the utility room and told the other employees to go ahead and leave; she would call the police. Did Olga call the police? No, Olga went into the utility room and told Viktor to remove his underpants, or she would call the police. Olga then raped Viktor. For three days. She chained Viktor to a radiator with pink furry handcuffs (kinky!) and fed him Viagra to keep him going.

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Apr 7 '09

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Apr 2 '09

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Apr 2 '09

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Mar 30 '09
Even in the worst of times, for us it’s the breast of times.

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Mar 30 '09
The notion that I the taxpayer have to pay this asshole a million-dollar bonus because he turned down a better job at a less-guilty company is repugnant to begin with; the notion that he stayed at AIGFP because he expected me to pay him this bonus makes me hate him even more.

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Mar 2 '09

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Jan 9 '09

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Oct 16 '08

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Sep 29 '08

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Sep 18 '08

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Sep 9 '08
If you find a dead bug on the floor, just pick it up and dispose of it. Drawing an outline with correction fluid just makes the cleaning people seek revenge.

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Sep 2 '08

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Aug 29 '08

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